How do I place my furniture? Part 1

How do I place my furniture? Part 1

I’ve heard it more than a thousand times.

“Nothing looks right! Where do I put this stuff?”

“My room is too small”, or “too narrow” – even “too big.”

“Can you help?”

When deciding furniture placement, it’s important to consider several elements of design:  the focal point, access in and through the room, and upholstery placement to allow for a comfortable conversation.

Let’s start with the focal point. My advice is that you first determine the main purpose of the room.  Will it be used to watch TV and/or for family gatherings, or perhaps entertaining guests?  Deciding the purpose of the room will help you determine the focal point.  A room without a focal point is usually uninteresting.  Focal point comes from purpose.

A room can have several different options for a focal point.  If your purpose is family entertainment, you might have a great view, a fireplace, and an entertainment center.  Since trying to orchestrate a room around two opposite and equal focal points can leave a room feeling disjointed and cold, try to position the TV either on the same wall as the fireplace or on an adjacent wall forming a right angle.

It’s all about how you want to use your space (its purpose), and what you see (its focal point).  Deciding exactly what you want the purpose of a room to be provides the first piece of the puzzle.

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