Nan Wood Hall – Fine Art

Fine Art is a personal encounter, both for the painter and its owner.  It is my fervent desire that one of my paintings will speak to your heart as it did to mine, coming to life on my canvas. ” 

Nan Wood Hall is an award winning artist and a native North Carolinian.
Nan’s repertoire includes still life, portraits, landscapes, floral and garden paintings.

Originals as well as signed and numbered Giclee prints are now available.
For additional information and pricing, please contact N Design International at 
336 812 2934.



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“Dr. Herring”

"Dr. Herring"
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“American Beauty”

"American Beauty"

“Liquid Sunshine”

"Liquid Sunshine"
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“Charleston Gate”

"Charleston Gate"
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“Who’s Hat Is It, Anyway?”

"Who's Hat Is It, Anyway?"
9" x 12" unframed original oil

“Aged Elegance”

"Aged Elegance"
Item Sold

“Summer Abundance”

"Summer Abundance"
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“Tuscan Beauty”

"Tuscan Beauty"
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Nanette Price
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